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Called to care.

When it matters most, you’ll be there.

  • Whether you’re a student learning to listen for heart murmurs or an educator seeking additional resources, we’re here to support your aspirations and help you achieve your goals. We admire those who answer the call to care, and we want to give you the tools you need to thrive.


One of the most important skills a future healthcare professional must master is auscultation. Quality makes a difference when you’re learning auscultation skills to help you assess, monitor and diagnose patients. Students: Start with a 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscope to hear the sounds you don’t want to miss. It’s built to last, helps you perform your best, and will give you a foundation for listening that will last a lifetime.

  • Navy Littmann Classic III Stethoscope
    3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ Monitoring Stethoscope

    Monitor and assess children or adults in non-critical environments. This compact stethoscope is manufactured with strong yet lightweight materials for hours of comfortable use.

  • Burgundy Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope
    3M™ Littmann® Cardiology IV™ Diagnostic Stethoscope

    Detect subtle sounds in critical and challenging environments. This stethoscope is designed to help you listen for hard-to-hear sounds, including aortic stenosis, S3 gallop murmurs and faint pulmonary anomalies.

  • Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope
    3M™ Littmann® CORE Digital Stethoscope

    Our newest digital stethoscope empowers students to create a library of heart sounds that they can reference for education. In-app sound wave visualization helps students learn by seeing and get a clearer picture of patient health. This is listening like you've never heard – or seen – before.

If you need help finding the right stethoscope to get or give, take our short online quiz to Find My Stethoscope.

Earn free stethoscopes.

Organize a sponsored Littmann stethoscope sale and earn free stethoscopes for your school or student organization.

How a student sale works:

  • Earn 1 Credit for every ten (10) stethoscopes purchased as part of the sale.
  • Redeem 1 Credit to get a Classic stethoscope donated to the school or student organization.
  • Redeem 2 Credits to get a Cardiology or teaching stethoscope donated to the school or student organization.

Educators: Request a demo kit.

  • Littmann Demonstration box kit

    Let students listen with Littmann stethoscopes. The demo kit includes stethoscopes for students to try, information about our group sale benefits and special offers. The stethoscopes must be returned after 30 days using the pre-paid postage provided.

    Request your kit

More resources.

Download these informative posters and flyers to complement your learning journey. They offer ausculation tips and guidance for making the most of your stethoscope.