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Auscultation education resources


Whether you’re a student learning to listen for heart murmurs or an educator seeking additional resources, we’re here to support your aspirations and help you achieve your goals. We admire those who answer the call to care, and we want to give you the tools you need to thrive.

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    Auditory Repetition

    Listening accurately for abnormal heart and lung sounds requires practice and repetition.

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    Audio/Visual Integration

    Research shows that viewing heart and lung sounds while listening makes it easier for students to understand what they are hearing.

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    Refresher Learning

    Regularly scheduleded fresher learning of heart and lung sounds ensures that accurate identification skills remain high over time.

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    The ability to self-assess ones accuracy is key to recognizing when more training is needed.

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    3M™ Littmann Learning App for students

    This powerful app is designed to help users better recognize benign and pathological heart and lung sounds by reinforcing self-directed learning modules directly on your phone. Download the Littmann Learning App from the App Store® or Google Play Store®.

    Download the app
    Expanded content is available in the App Store® with a subscription.

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    3M™ Littmann University App for faculty

    The Littmann University App gives instructors the ability to teach and test their students on the skill of auscultation. Pair it with the Littmann Learning App to provide your future clinicians a bedside-like listening environment during instruction.The Littmann University App requires a subscription. Download the Littmann Learning App from the App Store® or Google Play Store®.

    Download the app

Littmann Learning App
Littmann University App
Education Type
Assigned by In-Class instructor or self-directed
Education Type
In-Class Instructor-led
School subscription or induvidual user subscription
School subscription
Heart and lung sound training modules
Ausculation Basics
Visual phonocardiogram and frequency graph
Visual display combined with audio of heart and lung sound and frequencies
Self-paced learning and testing
Background reading material
Graduated learning modules ranging from novice to advanced*
Create virtual classroom
Real time sound and module sharing
Real time group testing
Favorite folder for sounds
Pre and post reading quizzes*
Self testing
Progress certificate
*Upgrade to additional features with subscription purchase


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  • Monitor and assess children or adults in non-critical environments. This compact stethoscope is manufactured with strong yet lightweight materials for hours of comfortable use.

  • Detect subtle sounds in critical and challenging environments. This stethoscope is designed to help you listen for hard-to-hear sounds, including aortic stenosis, S3 gallop murmurs and faint pulmonary anomalies

  • Our newest digital stethoscope empowers students to create a library of heart sounds that they can reference for education. In-app sound wave visualization helps students learn by seeing and get a clearer picture of patient health. This is listening like you've never heard – or seen – before.

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