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Heart and Lung Sounds

Audio clips to sharpen your auscultation skills


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Content Secure 50 Heart and Lung Sounds Library 50 Heart and Lung Sounds Library

Use our 50 Heart and Lung Sounds Library as an extensive, quick and easy reference catalog any time. Find audio samples with waveforms and tips on listening, posture and chestpiece position.

Content Secure Lessons in Auscultation: Lung Sounds Lessons in Auscultation: Lung Sounds

Refine your auscultation skills through audio and waveform, illustrations and written descriptions of a range of typical and abnormal lung sounds.

Content Secure Lessons in Auscultation: Heart Sounds Lessons in Auscultation: Heart Sounds

Get a strong foundation with this collection of heart sounds and descriptions of how and when each sound is formed.

Free Content: Learn to recognize common heart and lung sounds
Use our collection of audio clips to get familiar with common sounds and sharpen your diagnostic skills.

Heart Sounds

Refresh your knowledge of critical heart sounds to detect abnormal heartbeats and make diagnoses.

Heart Sounds

Normal Split S1 Normal Split S1 WAV sound file WAV 97KB
Normal Split Second Sound Normal Split Second Sound WAV sound file WAV 99KB
S3 S3 WAV sound file WAV 107KB
S4 S4 WAV sound file WAV 110KB
Early Systolic Murmur (1/6) Early Systolic Murmur (1/6) WAV sound file WAV 109KB
Late Systolic Murmur Late Systolic Murmur WAV sound file WAV 111KB
Ejection Click Ejection Click WAV sound file WAV 106KB
Opening Snap Opening Snap WAV sound file WAV 107KB
Pansystolic Murmur Pansystolic Murmur WAV sound file WAV 113KB
Diastolic Rumble Diastolic Rumble WAV sound file WAV 100KB

Lung Sounds

It can be difficult to tell the difference between normal and abnormal lung sounds. Listen to these breath sound clips to hear common lung abnormalities.

Lung Sounds

Coarse Crackles Coarse crackles WAV sound file WAV 95KB
Inspiratory Stridor Inspiratory stridor WAV sound file WAV 109KB
Normal Vesicular Normal vesicular WAV sound file WAV 100KB
Pleural Friction Pleural friction WAV sound file WAV 154KB
Wheezing Wheezing WAV sound file WAV 80KB

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