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About Stethoscopes

Basic information, tips and techniques

Stethoscopes 101

When you choose 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes, you can expect exceptional sound quality, superior design innovations and durability. Learn more about stethoscopes. See why Littmann stethoscopes are unique. And discover how to make the most of these powerful auscultation tools.

Anatomy of a Stethoscope Anatomy of a Stethoscope

Anatomy of a Stethoscope Explore a Littmann stethoscope in detail, from eartip to chestpiece.

How to Use your Stethoscope How to Use your Stethoscope

How to Use your Stethoscope Learn 5 important tips to optimize the performance and comfort of your stethoscope.

Care & Cleaning Care & Cleaning

Cleaning & Care Did you know that wearing a collar under your stethoscope’s tubing can help keep it flexible over time? Find more simple tips like this to extend the life of your Littmann stethoscope.

Stethoscope History Stethoscope History

Stethoscope History We’ve come a long way from 1819, when the world was introduced to the very first stethoscope (made of paper!).

Tunable Technology Tunable Technology

Stethoscope History Discover the advantages of our dual frequency stethoscope diaphragm. It combines both the bell (for low frequencies) and the diaphragm (for high frequencies) into a single side of the chestpiece.

Ambient Noise Reduction Ambient Noise Reduction

Ambient Noise Reduction This exciting technology filters out 85% (on average) of ambient noises – without eliminating critical body sounds.


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